Grace Coy
Phone (502) 475-9392

University of Kentucky Department of Forestry
125 T.P. Cooper Building
University of Kentucky Lexington KY 40546

Outreach Specialist, Urban Forest Initiative



B.S. Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Kentucky



My interest in trees and nature began several years ago, after reading a short story by Wendell Berry titled, "An Entrance to the Woods." In this piece, his words capture the magnificent ability of nature to pull us away from the demands of an increasingly fast-paced world and to help humans truly see the beauty, simplicity, and vitality of a landscape. Working in urban forestry has given new life to my interest in the human-environmental relationship.  During my time with UFI, trees have proven to be incredibly effective vehicles for quality interactions with individuals of all ages, each of who place a unique and meaningful value on the different elements of nature in their lives.  As UFI's Outreach Specialist, I have been able to see how the relationship between trees and people is largely dependent on different life experiences, values, and locations within the urban landscape.  I enjoy hearing others' tree narratives and hope to use education and direct involvement to bring people closer to trees in their communities.